this weekend & the week ahead

This weekend was long… I worked all day in the tour room on Saturday. While I managed to have a great breakfast (½ cup cereal, ½ rice and beans, and a banana) I had a horrible lunch and a delicious, but not healthy dinner. After tracking my calories, I think I broke even on caloric input and output (constantly moving, walking up and down straits, lifting and moving kegs all ads up), but I wish I did it by eating well.

Sunday, i did a whole lot of nothing. I wanted to go the gym, but I was over at the boy’s house and we walked around the grocery store for an hour, then hung out and relaxed. It’s was amazing.

This week, work is super stressful, and I have to remind myself to eat better and keep my stress level in check. Never helps when you boss doesn’t want to help you, and you have more deadlines knocking on your door than people. Oh, and Friday and Saturday we are having a festival/party which means come Sunday, I’m going to not want to move again. Maybe I’ll get a run in this week, just to blow off some steam. Or I’ll just start trying to haul kegs by myself. Or i’ll just break a glass in the dumpster.

I refuse to give up, and I guess we’ll see what my progress is after my next weigh in…

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