I’ve never been a runner. I’ve always been athletic and competitive, but I never would classify myself as a runner.

But, I found out why people love running so much – because nothing matters once you get going. Yeah, it hurts. Yes, it’s difficult to start. But once you get going, there is nothing else in the world that can stop  you except yourself. 

In three days, I’ve gone on three runs. I’m going to go for one today before going to a show. I find it oddly refreshing. The pain that then gives way to forgetting all the stress of my day. 

I’m getting more and more excited for my 5K, and that’s not only because it’s coming up soon, but because it’s getting easier and easier for me to complete a 3+ mile run.

Today, my goal is 5 miles.

I brought my gym stuff with me to work today, so I can’t get sidetracked at home before heading over. I’m pretty pumped… I’m not going to lie.

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