Yesterday had so much potential…

And I blew it.

I ate a yogurt with some whole wheat cheerios for breakfast, along with a banana – great start. I packed my gym bag and headed to work, with this idea of grandeur and awesomeness. Made myself an awesome salad for lunch with spinach, tomato, cottage cheese, craisns, cucumber and olive oil and vinager.

I leave work at around 6pm, and start heading to the gym. But I also realize that I have to be across time by like 8:45pm in order to catch the boy’s first musical residency night. So, I change and start to find a treadmill… and there are none open. This is where my motivation tanked. I did some weights first and then finally found a treadmill. 

My goal was 5 miles… I barely squeezed out 1.

I left the gym feeling awful. Like I didn’t do anything at all, and that I just wasted everyone’s time. I got home and made myself a freaking rice and bean burrito (whole wheat tortilla, brown rice, black beans, tomato, onion, and jalapenos). I showered and figured I might as well head to the gig to make my day somewhat useful.

I danced, worked up a sweat, but there is nothing like setting a goal and failing to achieve it.

Today is my scheduled break day, so maybe on Thursday I will work up some more gutso.

Any advice for recovering from a bad day?

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