Woo Hoo!

5K was awesome!

One thing i wasn’t expecting? THE HILLS. Holy mother of God. Those things whooped us, and it didnt help that it was pushing 70 degrees also. 

I never stopped running. I pushed all those negative thoughts out of my mind – that voice saying “you can’t run up this hill”, or “you are not going to make it”. I beat the crap out of those thoughts by running with some awesome friends and listening to some Nicki Minaj (GO AHEAD, JUDGE ME)

But, I finished at about 30 minutes (I don’t know the actual time, I know I crossed the start like 5 minutes after the gun, because there were over 4,000 people running it, and I cross the finish line at 35), which is awesome. 

Finishers medal is hanging on my wall, along with my number.

I think I’ve caught the running bug. And I think I’m ok with it. 

Now, I’m looking for my next race… and maybe a better pair of running shoes. 

I’m hooked.

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