Just signed up…

For another 5K next month!

It’s the Run in Blue 5K, and it’s pretty cool. It happens in 5 different places around the world (Dubai, San Francisco, Boston, Shanghai and London), on April 22, 2012! My parents live in Dubai still, and my sister lives in SF, so we are all going to run the same run together in our own cities!

I’m super pumped. 

I have definitely caught the running bug, and even though I’m not the best runner, I still run. After that first mile, it seems like nothing can stop me. If you were to have told me a year ago that I would be running 5Ks (and enjoying them), I would have laughed in your face.

AND. I’m spending my tax return on a pair of new running shoes and compression leggings. 

Go figure.

I’m totally ok with that change. I totally want to work up to a 10K in the fall… but we’ll see. 

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