I worked out…

At 7:30. This morning

My old boss/current coworker organized a crossfit class today before work.

What we did:

-400 yard run warm up

-Snake x1 (run up and down the stairs around the stadium, you “snake” your way around the stadium)

-6 minutes of 100’s on the minute

-12lbs medicine ball squat to throw, sprint to pick up ball, x2

-1 min push ups

-1 min sit ups

-12lbs medicine ball throw to burpee (6 minutes)

-CIRCUIT TIME 20 sec rotation (6 minutes)

    * ropes

    * box jump

    * balance box squat

    * rest

– 30 sec front plank

– 30 sec right & left plant

– 30 sec bridge

– 800 yard cool down


I’m totally awake right now. And feel great. This is going to be a once a week addition to my workout plan. I’m pumped.

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