RunKeeper and Morning Workouts

Yesterday I downloaded RunKeeper to track my runs, as I train for the B.A.A. 10K. I went for a run after work (I may have had a beer at work… whoops. Old habits die hard), at like 7:30. It was still sunny, and very humid, and since I live in a city, the sidewalks were a little crowded. 

I ended up doing 5K in about 32 minutes – which isn’t bad, but isn’t great. As a starting run though, I’m ok with that, since I didn’t feel dead at the end of it and definitely could have done more, if I wasn’t so pissed off that there were so many people on the sidewalks that I had to dodge. Early morning runs will be better for this. 

I made myself a small bowl of chicken and brown rice for dinner, watched a couple episodes of Grey’s Anatomy (my guilty pleasure… go a head, judge me), and fell asleep. All to prep myself for a morning workout with my coworkers.

This morning we headed over to Moakley field in South Boston and had ourselves a party. After a short 400m warm up, we proceeded to do about 20 minutes worth of running drills, then strength drills… but not before we did a booty shaking warm up. That’s right. One of our graphic designers came and got us sweating with some awesome workout dance moves. By the end of the warm up, not only were all of us sweating and our legs shaking, but we were all laughing at how much fun it was. 

That feeling was something I have missed. When I used to play competitively in high school, we used to train virtually every day for like 2 hours. But even though it was hard, we all had fun. I’m glad I have found a great group of people to do that with again.

I almost passed out at the end of the workout… with a mixture of like 75F heat at 8AM and lack of food in my stomach. I got up from doing planks and saw the dark curtains start to close in. Thankfully, I managed to pull myself into the shade and immediately started feeling better. 

4 more weeks until the 10K. Let’s do this. I’m aiming for 1hour and 10 min at a 10 min/mile pace. I really have no idea what to expect. 

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