“Fat Runner”

There is nothing quite as invigorating as a 5 mile run early on Sunday morning. As I found myself winding through Porter Square into Harvard Square, where I was meeting my running partner, I felt a nice connection with the other runners that were running around me. We were the ones that work up at 7am on a Sunday to run. I felt like I was a part of it.

I got to Harvard, started stretching, and noticed I was getting some side glances. Not the kind of glances that are like “DAYUMN GIRL”, but like “What is this girl doing?”

When I starting running again, down towards the esplanade, we ran by a group of girls who seemed to be slowly making it home after a night out. One of them said loudly “Wow, why is she running? You would think it would hurt her to run all that hanging around.”

Dear skinny girl – this is what I have to say to you:  

Yes, I’m not the skinniest runner. The ability to get out and move isn’t dependent on what size you are, but how strong you are, mentally and physically. I’m strong – strong enough to get myself up at 7am on a Sunday and run 5 miles. I’m strong enough to run a 10K in June. I’m strong enough to keep on running after hearing you pass judgement.

My legs are big and they are strong. They will carry me for as long as I tell them to. Yes, I wear spanx with my shorts because sometimes, I chafe on my longer runs. I don’t care about some stupid thigh gap – I like my ass. I’m a woman who enjoys her curves. My abs are strong, but they aren’t six-pack ripped… and that’s ok. 

I am strong, and if your beef with me is that I’m not a size 2, then I’m really sorry I offended you. 

I am an active woman who sees herself getting stronger every day –  with every mile, with every sun salutation, with every push up, with every flight of stairs that I climb at the Harvard Stadium, with every gallon of water I drink, with every play date I have with my boyfriends son. 

So yes, call me a fat runner. I dare you.

But I will wear my shorts with pride, and I know that I run for me – not for your enjoyment.  After work, I’m putting my running shoes on, and going for a run. You won’t stop me.

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