Day 3 of Cleanse…

Holy shit.


I would be wouldnt be lying if I said I felt a little better. I feel clean – which I guess is the point of this. This no coffee thing is kicking my ass. 

Some people responded to my last post, telling me this wasn’t healthy, and that I needed more calories. The point of this cleanse is to get rid of all of the toxins in my body by eating a high fiber, high lean protein and low calorie diet. For just 5 days. The rest of the 9 days, you re-introduce clean foods and start rebuilding your day to day diet.

This is in no way the way I will be eating for the rest of the year – why? 

Because I love food that much. 

What it will do for my boyfriend and I? Give us a “hard restart” on what we are used to eating and what we “think” tastes good. 

I’ve already started dreaming up recipes on how to bake cauliflower and make mashed cauliflower as a side. I’m ordering pizza’s for our intern goodbye party today, and while it will be hard to say no, pizza doesn’t even sound that good to me right now.

I wouldn’t be lying if I said I was looking forward to eating more, but I am enjoying the feeling of getting rid of all the crap that I’ve put in my body. Actual crap. That happens when you are on a cleanse. 

But the whole no caffeine thing, it hurts. Why? Because I see how tired my body actually is. Working 10 hour days, and then staying up late – you can’t do that without coffee. The past two days I’ve slept like a baby, and woke up feeling refreshed. I’m relearning how to listen to my body. 

And that’s a good feeling.

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