I’m Now a Part of Team in Training!

Yup! I’m going to step it up. 

The cleanse? After day 3, it became easier… when I got to day 5 and could start slowly reintroducing other everyday foods, it was awesome. I have a lot more energy, slept better at night, and felt better about myself. And I’ve relearned some good habits like:

a) always eat breakfast (and no, not just a muffin from Dunkins)

b) Eat your veggies 

c) DRINK WATER… ALL THE TIME (on the cleanse, i was drinking so much water that I was going to the bathroom like every 15 minutes. I swear, my coworkers thought I had a problem). 

d) You don’t need as much coffee as you think you do – you just need to sleep more.

But now that I’m virtually off the cleanse and really into a healthy eating diet, it’s time to announce that I’m doing the Spartan Race Time Trials AT FENWAY PARK as part of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training!

That’s right! I’m so excited to be part of a team again, train for something, and raise money for a great cause!

I have to raise $500 by November 18th! And, one of the great things about Team in Training? They train you! Starting Columbus Day weekend, there will be weekly workouts as a team and I’m excited to have someone help me push myself! 

Interested in doing this event for Team in Training? Head over here to learn more about the event, Team in Training and other events that are near you!

Want to help out? Donate as little as $1 on my page – every dollar helps (and it’s tax deducatble… as if you need another reason to donate)

How many of you have ever done a Spartan Race/Mud Race before?

What was it like? How did you train for it?

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