Proud Moment

He really is the best.

Not only has he supported me though me getting back into shape, emotional ups and downs, and crazy work stuff – but he’s taken it one step further than I ever expected him to.

He went on a run with me yesterday.

Why? He said I inspired him to get his business together – to cut back on smoking and drinking and get healthy. 

I almost cried.

Yesterday, was the first time he has gone on a run in over 4 years. We got home from work, changed and headed out. It was a short run (1.8) miles, but it didn’t matter. He lead me through what used to be his old running loop. 

He ran the whole time. 

It was the first time he ran that loop without walking – ever.

He was talking and laughing, while I just watched and listened, it truly took my breath away to go for a run with my boyfriend. It meant the world to me. When we finished the loop and sprinted back to his house. I just turned my Nike+ app off. It didnt matter how long or how fast we ran at that point, it was just that we ran.

(for those interested, we did 1.8 miles in 18 minutes).

We signed up for the Thompson Island 4K next month, and I’m so excited to get to finally run with him.

When we finished the run, I hugged him and kissed him and told him how proud I was of him. For running. For getting uncomfortable. For pushing through. For getting it done.

I’m proud of us. 

We slept like logs last night, and this morning I went to our company work out at 7:15AM and showed the world how awful I am at Football. Don’t care. I’m still on a high from yesterdays run.

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