We pushed ourselves…

And did bigger things.

Went for my second run with my boyfriend yesterday.

Same 1.8 mile loop. But we picked up the pace.

Big Time.

Result? We finished the loop in 16.45 minutes. 

That’s almost a 2 minute improvement from last weeks. AND I hit a milestone – my first mile was run at an 8:30/mile pace. My best time for a mile… since I think I was in high school.

For this race, I’m working on my speed. I want to push myself to go faster, not just to complete it. I know I can complete the 4K. That’s not the question. I want to beat myself and cross that line having nothing left in the tank.

I am so proud of him. 

Then we walked a mile to the grocery store, picked up some things for dinner and hauled our goodies back. I made some turkey patties, rice and broccoli. We watched some American Pickers and Pawn Stars and called it a night.

We both passed out immediatley.

I’m so excited that we are doing this together. 

Today? We do strength training. 

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