Fit 4 Life Race Series Registration to benefit Jessica Huse – Today!

Happy 12-12-12 everyone!

I mentioned in the my last blog post that I would be running for Jessica Huse and for the Jessica Huse Foundation. Well, I’ll be running the Fit 4 Life Race Series, a series of three 5K’s starting with one on New Years, a second one near Valentine’s Day and the final one on St. Patrick’s. Here the organizers description of the series:

Our next 3 races are the New Year’s 5K, the Valentine’s Day 5K and the St. Patrick’s Day 5K. All registered runners will receive a great race shirt and everyone who finishes their race will receive a custom made finishers medal. We are not doing these races just to do them. We are COMMITTED to giving back… Run for a purpose and sign up today!

I chose to sign up not only because it will motivate me to go for a run when it’s freezing cold here in Boston, but because I know my run and my “race” will benefit someone who needs it.
Today (12.12.12), Jim Parker – who has organized this event, will be donating all registration proceeds to the Jessica Huse Foundation. Jessica Huse went to school with me and my sister, and in 2009 was in a near fatal car accident on her way to church.
In fact, her heart stopped. She has been suffering with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) since that day.
But with the determination of her parents and herself, she has made tremendous strides in the past 3 years. She can now communicate with her parents using “yes” or “no” answers. 
It also is due to progressive and aggressive treatments that she has received. However, when she turned 21 last year, her insurance and the state of California have cut her coverage of treatment by 80%. So, her parents set up the Jessica Huse foundation to not only help cover their daughters treatment, but also try to find a cure for TBI. 
I know that running in 20 degrees hurts. It hurts your lungs. Your muscles are fighting to stay warm. But that pain stops. I am running for Jessica because I know that I can. I will run in order to make everyone see what an awesome girl that she is, and that she is fighting every day to get better. 
So, just know this – I’m fighting for you Jessica. A whole bunch of people are. 
Will you take the leap and make a commitment today? Will you make a commitment to your health this winter?
And most importantly, will you make a commitment to helping someone this holiday season? I know I have.

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