2 Weeks, 2 Races – Super Sunday 5 Miler

Yup, so yesterday marked the second Sunday in a row where I had a race. Last week, my goal was to run up all 50 flights of stairs up the Prudential tower here in Boston. This past week, (2/3), was a 5-miler in Cambridge.

What I didn’t account for… was snow. 

Through the snow, not feeling my toes, and generally freezing, the course itself was pretty nice. Out from Kendall Square to Harvard Square and back. It took about 1.5 miles to get warmed up, and after that, it was pretty much smoothish sailing.

Except, that at the one mile marker, my running partner had to stop and use the bathroom. 

But anyways, we finished, in 51:23 minutes – so a little slower than I wanted. I was aiming for 50 minutes, or at least holding a 10 minute mile. But, it was the first 5 miler of the year, PLUS it was snowing and windy. But, the important thing is that we finished. We didnt really want to start in the first place. It was cold. It was snowing. The bar sounded like a much better place.

There was even a 5K “Bailout” option. We ran right by that and paid it no  attention. 

All in all, it was great run, and it made me push myself out of my comfort zone. I can’t comment on the after party (it looked like fun), since I had to rush out.

Would I do it again? Yes. However, I will make sure to throw on one extra layer… because I never want to be that cold again.

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