The Issue with Race Pictures

Yesterday I received my race pictures from the ClimbAmerica! run up the Prudential Tower and the Super Sunday 5 Miler. 

Here’s the thing. I look completely different over the two weeks. 

Example a) ClimbAmerica! pictures:

Example B) Super Sunday 5 Miler

So. Here’s the thing. 

This is a fitness blog, right? So I should be pumped that I ran a 5-miler snow and got myself out there. But I would be lying to you if I said that I wasn’t upset that I didn’t get a good race picture.

But why does that upset me? Why is it that people get so hung up on seeing themselves?  We’re running races. We’re beating ourselves? Why does it matter how we look doing it?!

Beyonce wants her “unflattering pictures” taken down. She is known for always being beautiful and makes money that way. I on the other hand, am learning to deal with looking at unflattering pictures of myself. Why? Because in a years time, I was able to comfortably finish 5 miles. It wasn’t pretty getting to this point. It wasn’t easy. These “unflattering” pictures are a testament to the hard work, the sacrifice and the determination that went into completing the 5 miler.

Yeah, it looks like I’m rocking the double chin. It was freezing, so it wouldn’t surprise me if I ran the whole way looking like that. 

So cheers to the moments that you want to hide. Those are the moments that really show how much work you put into it.

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