“She is travelling between worlds right now. You can see her holding the tension of not knowing. She is simply breathing into her unanswered questions. Sometimes she drinks her coffee with quaking hands, not knowing where her relationship or her bank account is going.

But this time, she is holding on to the tension of not knowing, and is not willing to hit the panic button. She is unlearning thousands of years of conditioning. She is not being split between the opposing forces of fight and flight. 

She is neither naïve nor ignorant. She is a frontier woman, paving new roads & making new choices. 

She is willing to making a new transcendent possibility emerge. You may see her now – standing at thresholds, or at crossroads – breathing into her body, intently listening for inner signals. She’s learning new navigation skills as she arrives at a most magical moment of her life.”

Sukhvinder Sircar

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