Get it done

I went to my first Real Ryder spinning class yesterday. The bikes swing side to side, so you have to use your core muscles to keep the bike steady.

Needless to say a) I’m in love b) I’m in pain.

It was a 45 minute class, where I’m pretty sure I started sweating the moment I got onto the bike. It was my first time spinning since college (even then, I think I took like 3 classes), and it definitely kicked my ass. Also, I need to remember to bring a seat cover/cushion for next time.

On today’s agenda? I’ll be back at Peter Welch’s for their Fighter Conditioning class. It’s a hectic time at work, so it will be nice to really sweat it out/punch a bag for an hour. 

I’m also pretty sure that tomorrow I won’t be walking. But that’s tomorrow. For today, I just need to get it done. 

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