Bootcamp at Peter Welch’s Gym started last week. I didn’t post pictures from last week, so here are two pictures from the start of week 2! I THINK I’M SEEING SOME LEG MUSCLE HERE.

Bootcamp is a mix of weight training, boxing and cardio. It’s definitely an ass kicking. Yesterday, we raised our weights so the reps that I did yesterday were:

3×10 rows with 20lbs weights

1×10 squat with 50lbs

1×10 squat with 60 lbs

1×10 squat with 75 lbs

3×10 shoulder press with 40lbs

3×10 bench press with 40lbs

3×10 assisted pullups

3×10 step ups with 20lbs

Then we went to boxing and cardio… basically where he just yells out things for us to do in 30 minutes. All I remember from it, is that I was sweating and that a minute long plank hurts.

Best part? We track our heart rate and compare our stats from the last week. I had a pretty good spread, but spent a little too much time in the “red” zone (aka, I need to learn how to breath better). But – I burned 500 calories!

Today, I’m doing the Fighter Conditioning class at 5:30. It’s an hour of mainly cardio and boxing. It’s going to kick my ass. So. Hard.

It’s going to be great. 

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