Running on tired legs

Today, I ran… and I really really really didn’t want to.

It is the last run that I am going to put in before the 10K on Sunday, and all I could squeeze out was 3.3 miles. My legs were tired, my calves were tight, and the twinge in my knee wouldn’t go away. I’m going to have to roll out my IT band tonight or tomorrow, in order to make sure it doesn’t bother me on Sunday.

But, even though I didn’t have a great run, I still did it. I’m also incredibly lucky to have an awesome man at my side. Why? Because he will give me the extra push I need to get out of bed and into my running gear. It’s nice to have someone that supportive in life. I got lucky 🙂

Tomorrow morning will be company workout day… we’ll see how that goes and then Sunday is the 10K!

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