I’m so sorry guys – it’s been awhile! Reason why it’s been over 2 weeks since I’ve updated you is:

a) I got a new job

b) I’m in the middle of a move

Also, the embarrassing c) is that I haven’t really been running or doing anything much. My token of that? A nice little layer of blubber and a good 10 lbs that seems to have weaseled its way back on my body.


This week, I started my new job, along with starting back on my running and exercising routine. Monday and Weds I put in three miles on the good ‘ol hills of Somerville. I’m scheduling a 4 mile run tomorrow morning (trying to get back into my ½ training).

On my non-running days, I will be doing Blogilates. I’ve seen a lot of other fitness bloggers talk about her and how ridiculous her workouts were – but it wasn’t until a friend of mine told me that she actually worked up a sweat that I decided to try it today.

Holy. Shit.

I did three of her videos today – focusing on abs & legs today. My goal is to strengthen my legs, especially my glutes in order to avoid ANY MORE IT band issues. And man… My legs are still shaking. She’s the real deal and I’m really excited to be adding her workouts to my routine.

This Saturday, my boyfriend rented a Budget truck, and we will be hauling all of our stuff to our new apartment. We officially move in on the 15th, but it might be a couple days before we actually stay there. We both have our previous apartments until the 31st, so there might be some bouncing around for awhile.

Best part of where we are moving to? The lake. The running trail around the lake is 3 miles, and we are about 3/4th of a mile away from it. Who knows, maybe my boyfriend will join me for a couple runs a week? I’m just so excited to have a green area by a lake to enjoy virtually whenever.  This city girl is excited to get out of the city and into the suburbs – and I can’t believe those words are actually coming out of my mouth.

But anyways, that is why it’s been a little quiet here. I’ll make sure to update more once the move is done – and I’ll post some pictures of this gorgeous lake!

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