Healthworks #WorkplaceWarriorChallenge 2014!

Yes, I said my next blog post would be about this… and since it’s fresh on my mind, I figured I would just write it now instead of waiting until tomorrow.

So, the company I work for joined the Healthworks #WorkplaceWarriorsChallenge at the Healthworks in Cambridge. We went in yesterday for the kick off party, which included a workout along with the unveiling of which teams would get coached throughout the challenge. And guess what?! AKAMighty made it through (Yes, that’s our team name… and it’s EPIC).

So, what this is, is a 4 week fitness challenge, where the team who gets the most points wins this amazing grand prize that includes a gift card to a local sporting clothes boutique, bobbi brown makeup party, a massage, 6 weeks of free classes and something else that I can’t remember. You get points based on weight loss, loss of body fat, attendance, and how many times you go to the gym.

Let’s just say, it just sparked a revival in this lady. After a busy April, and having to jump right into marathon training, I was getting a little blah with my running routine. This is the perfect cross training mix to get my strength up, but also put a little more pep in my step during workouts.

I get my body assessment on Monday after work, and our first group workout is Tuesday at 7am! I’ll make sure to check in after with my initial stats and a before picture – hope you guys tune in for what happens during the #WorkplaceWarriorChallenge!

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