#WorkplaceWarrior Challenge – Week 2

Week 2 is half way through and it is NOT disappointing right now.

Yesterday we had our second AKAMighty team workout… and it was a mix of HIIT/Tabata/pain. We did 4 circuits – 3 times each:

Circuit 1 (x3):

  1. 30 second Heismans
  2. 30 second Burpees
  3. 30 second 

Circuit 2 (x3): 

  1. 15 rep Deadlifts (20 lbs)
  2. 15 rep fly’s (15 lbs)
  3. 15 rep chest presses (15 lbs)

Circuit 3 (x3):

  1. 30 second high knees
  2. 30 second 180 jumps
  3. 30 second bicycle crunches

Circuit 4 (x3):

  1. 15 side lunges (20lbs)
  2. 15 standing presses (15 lbs)
  3. 15 Russian Twists

It was the most intense, sweat filled hour and best way to start off the short week ever.

Since it is a short week, I’m cramming as many workouts as I can in, while still trying to manage some marathon training.

Here is what this week is planned out:

Monday: (was supposed to be 3 miles, but after 10 miles Sunday, and spending all night trying to get rid of a bat, it was an impromptu rest day)

Tuesday: AKAMighty team workout (Healthworks)

Wednesday: 45 Minute Spin Class and 60 Minute Barre Class – both at Healthworks (MY FIRST BARRE CLASS EVER – I’ll let you know how it goes!)

Thursday: 7am BURN Total Body workout (Healthworks)

Friday: 6am spinning class, 7am HW HIIT class (Healthworks)

Saturday: 12 mile run


So, maybe the Healthworks challenge just really woke up my competitive spirit… but I kinda love every single minute that I’m there, so, don’t judge. Yes, I know I have to get my miles in, but I’m also having a blast taking these classes. My 10 mile run on Sunday was a freaking dream, and part of me suspects that the cross training is really already working it’s magic.

I won’t do another weigh in until after the challenge is over, but I’m having a great time either way, and isn’t that really what it’s all about?!

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