#WorkPlaceWarriorChallenge – Week 3

We’re more than half way through the challenge and I absolutely love every minute of working out with friends at Healthworks. 

That’s why for the first time in like 4 years, I actually joined a gym! I’m super pumped about being an office member of Healthworks gym!

Here was the workout we did today:


Partner Circuit 1 (repeated 2x’s):

  • 1 minute of pushups w/ highfive/clap with partner (you go down on a pushup, and when you come back up, you hold out one arm and smack your hands together)
  • 12 weighted lunges (15lbs)  while partner “swims" 


  • 1 minute Fast Feet
  • High Knees with Hands in the Air

Partner Circuit 2 (repeated 3x’s):

  • 1 minute back-to-back weighted Russian Twists
  • 1 minute plank while partner did footwork over and between partners planked legs (think of it like doing the vine over mini hurdles)
  • 1 minute weighted sit-ups with passing of weight to partner

Partner Circuit 3 (repeated 3x’s):

  • -One partner holds a wall sit, while the other partner does 4 wall to wall sprints. Once the sprints are done, tag out and hold a wall sit

Oh the core work… my core is going to be so so so sore tomorrow.

This is how week 3 looks for me:

  • Monday: 6:30am Did some work on the bike and checked out the sauna as recovery from my Sunday long run
  • Tuesday: 7am HW workplace warrior challenge workout
  • Weds: 6:15am Cardio Bosu (no idea what it entails, but I’m pumped)
  • Thurs: 7am HW BURN – Total Body
  • Friday: 6am Spin!
  • Saturday: 15 miles (may move to Sunday depending on how my body feels)
  • Sunday: Rest

Next week is the last week of the challenge! I don’t know if I can say that I’ve lost any weight, but I have noticed that my arms no longer look like noodles… so PROGRESS!


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