What’s Your Game Plan

Last year, I had a chance to chat with Brett Maloley about his involvement in Office to Octagon – a nonprofit organization that takes people out of the cubicle and into the octagon in order to raise money and awareness for childhood obesity. Never one to shy away from a challenge, I chatted with Brett again… this time about his newest endeavor – Game Plan. He’s taking on the nutrition space, one challenge at a time.

Q: How did the idea for Game Plan come about?

A: Game Plan was built on the core belief that fitness professionals are better suited to refer nutrition than the guy behind the counter at the vitamin store. The nutritional supplement space in the US is a $25 billion industry that is almost completely de-regulated and sold to a consumer who has very little education on what they are buying. Game Plan exists to change that by educating and empowering fitness professionals to use our technology platform to refer customized Game Plans of our “banned substance free,” all natural products to their clients.

Read the rest of my interview with Brett here: http://www.competeeveryday.com/2014/07/whats-your-game-plan/

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