A Better Spin

I know I’ve written a blog post about Laura Mucci’s awesome TRX classes at Turnstyle Cycle, but it wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized I hadn’t reviewed the amazing spinning classes there.

Good thing I realized.

Turnstyle Cycle is really the only place that I will spin. Yup. I said it.

And it’s not just because the bikes are Real Ryder bikes that move side to side, and therefore burn up to 20% more calories than normal spin bikes.

It’s because of the epic people that make the wheels at Turnstyle Cycle spin. 

I’ve never met an instructor at Turnstyle Cycle that I didn’t like. They have this great positive energy that not only wants you to keep on taking their classes, but makes you want to actually get to know them and talk with them after class.

Plus, the class playlists are unbelievably amazing. Seriously, go check out Turnstyle Cycle on Spotify. I dare you not to bounce around and want to go for a bike ride or run.

Their classes are great because the music is such an integral part of the class. They use a beats per minute/RPM class, and matching your RPM’s the to the beat of the song is something that brings a whole other aspect of fun to the class – it’s like dancing on a bike.

 And who doesn’t like dancing?

Since the bikes move, the instructors will take you through a series of seated turns, standing turns and some other great moves that will make you realize that you have muscles in places you never thought of. 

Laura’s energy is infectious. I usually go to classes at lunchtime (perk of working a building away from the studio), and sometimes I’ve just had a rotten morning. Laura has this way of totally making whatever shit is going on outside of the studio, totally go away for 45 minutes. She’ll whoop and holla and lead us all through a routine that burns on average of 355 – 400 calories (sayyy whaaaattt), and at the end of it, we’re all dripping sweat and smiling. 

It’s freaking amazing.

I’ve been going to Turnstyle Cycle since they had their soft launch in the summer of 2014, and it’s been exciting to see their classes fill up as the studio grows in popularity. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the passion that every single person in there has. Each instructor pours their heart and soul into each class and is always up for a chat after. That’s something you don’t often see at many gyms and studios. Here, you don’t feel that competition between trainers or instructors that you see at many studios around Boston. At Turnstyle, everyone is like a big ol family, and if you check out their Facebook page, you’ll see photo after photo of the great team they have built. 

I used to take spinning classes at the gym and to me, they always were kinda boring. The real ryder bikes, paired with these freaking amazing trainers, completely reversed my opinion on spinning. It’s now firmly in my cross training catalogue, and the mix of TRX and Spinning at Turnstyle definitely contributed to my brand new PR in NYC (even after a winter buried in snow)

They have a Turnstyle Cycle Trainer Certification program, for people who want to be certified in the Turnstyle Cycle spinning method, and I’ve most definitely had my eye on it. Who know’s, maybe if Uncle Sam is generous with his tax return, I’ll be able to start doing that this upcoming summer time!)

But for right now… if you are in the Greater Boston Area and haven’t checked out Turnstyle Cycle – go get your butt over there. Now. 

(This was a photo shot after my first spin class after the half marathon, so I was in recovery mode & you can see that the calorie burn is a little lower. I’ll post another picture with an updated garmin shot after a class shortly). 

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