#RunSocial1 with Boston Social Athletes

I’m kind a loner runner.

It comes with the territory of usually running at 5am and living in the suburbs.

I’ve always looked at running groups as something that fast people and serious runners were a part of. I’ve always felt that if I tried to join one of those clubs, I would be left behind and people would whisper about the imposter in their running group.

Now I know that’s totally not true at all, and I have friends that have talked up running groups to me and told me just to show up at one.

So on March 31st, 2015… I showed up. 

I walked my neon clad butt into Marathon Sports on Boylston Street, ready to join #RunSocial1 with Boston Social Athletes. 

What’s Boston Social Athletes

According to their website Boston Social Athletes is “an organization designed to connect all of the athletic communities, clubs, teams, and individuals together in one place. It’s a place for athletes from the recreational level to the Olympic level to come together under one roof to socialize, share ideas, challenge each other, or just have fun.”

And it truly was fun.

#RunSocial1 started off with a demo and a chat with a rep from Newton Running. I was pretty excited about this part, mainly because I needed to replace my shoes. I have been a loyal Saucony Kinvara 4 wearer for the past 3 years… and last year when they started transitioning to the Kinvara 5, I bought 3 pairs of the 4s. My last pair is currently on it’s last legs, having taken me through two half marathons, one full marathon and countless training runs. One look at my shoes, and I was fitted with Newton Gravity 4′s.


Once more people started to arrive, everyone started chatting with each other and it was pretty clear that everyone was here to have a good run and a good time. 

We headed out for a quick 3 mile run, and left Boylston street and headed towards the Charles. Well, what was supposed to be 3 miles… apparently Cassandra and I were chatting too much and totally missed a turn somewhere and found ourselves running along on Beacon Street. According to my Garmin we clocked in right at 3.49 miles (I KNOW. ANNOYING). Good thing we both knew how to get back to Marathon Sports…

That’s where the pizza and beer was.


Harpoon Brewery donated a few cases of beer, so everyone had the chance to enjoy some IPA and pizza (which is funny, because that same combo is what ultimately made me make my “healthy life” swap). We mingled and I had the chance to meet and talk with some pretty awesome people. We exchanged stories about runs we have done, battling winter training, our upcoming race schedules and most importantly… when we could meet up again for a run.

I ended up loving the shoes that I tried on and gave a test run, but needed a larger size. My toes ended up going numb about half way through the run… and only in one foot. It was weird. But the Newton rep was super helpful, fitted me in a half size larger and took me outside to check out how I ran in them. She also gave me the best compliment I have ever received:

“You have a great stride and foot strike… neutral and strong. No ankles collapsing in, no pronation – you’re totally in control ”

Seriously. She already had me sold on the shoes, but that comment made me feel like all the work and concentration I had put into making my foot strike more efficient had paid off.

So I’m the proud owner of a new pair of Newton Gravity 4′s, some new Newton swag, and a proud supporter of Boston Social Athletes. This was an amazing event that not only got me a little bit out of my shell, but allowed me to really have fun with some people who shared my same interests…. Can’t wait for the next #RunSocial!


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