Starting Over Again

It happens to all of us.

I guess I’ll start from the last beginning – which was after the Brooklyn Half in May. It’s the reason I basically went silent on here. 

I ran the worst half of my life. I was in pain. I was tired, and it was hot. Turns out, the shoes that I had trained in (Saucony Kinvara 6s – an upgrade from my discontinued Kinvara 4s), had an arch support that was just one hair off. That one hair off lead to a stress fracture that I basically ignored through training. 

That stress fracture meant I limped my way to the finish line and was the proud owner of a technicolored right foot.

This lead to a downwards spiral of not knowing what to do for training, extra food and a whole load of extra drinks (did I mention I got ENGAGED during the last training cycle).

So here I am, starting again. 

The road to a healthy life is bound to have some bumps in the road right? But this time is the first time that I’m really experiencing a big set back. I now weigh the most that I’ve weighed… ever. My clothes aren’t fitting right. My energy levels were in the gutter, and I was getting angry at things that used to not faze me. 

I’m trying something different. 

I’m going for low impact, strength building, and something that I’ve never done before. 

I joined a challenge group, started PiYo about 11 days ago. I’ll be posting on  2 week update on how it is going, early next week. 

For now, in the spirit of keeping this honest, here are my before pictures.

Let’s see if PiYo is what it takes to help me get my mind, heart, and soul back on track. So, far I’m loving it!

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