Transformation Tuesday

If you search #TransformationTuesday on social media, you’ll see a ton of before & after photos – typically highlighting and celebrating a weight-loss milestone.

What you rarely see, is the transformation that happens inside.

While you are on path to healthy (whatever healthy means to you), chances are, you’ve experienced internal changes. Whether it’s how you talk to yourself, think about a problem, or handle a situation, there is a change.

When you start to focus on what you can accomplish, instead of what you can’t. When you start celebrating your STRENGTHS, instead of focusing on your WEAKNESS – that’s when the transformation really is happening.

But we never talk about that mental shift.

It’s a little less glamorous. It’s a little bit more complicated. You can’t throw on a filter to make it look just a little bit better.

But today, let’s focus on our thoughts. This #TransformationTuesday, reflect on what internal transformations have happened.

They are just as important.


The Sweat Life BOS

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