What’s Your Mindset

How do you think?

Whoa – loaded question.

But seriously – are you an always positive thinker? A rigid “my way or the highway” thinker? A thinker that only takes facts and no emotion into consideration? What about the opposite? A fixed thinker, or someone who thinks about how your thinking can grow?

I recently read about the “fixed mindset” vs the “growth mindset” theory. Someone with a fixed mindset is “someone who believes their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent, are simply fixed traits,” while someone with a growth mindset believes that their basic qualities can be grown / developed through hard work, dedication and grit.

Which one do YOU gravitate towards?

Truth is, studies show that the most successful people adopt the growth mindset way of thinking. Sure, there are people with high IQ’s, but if you don’t have the work ethic to put that high IQ to work developing something amazing… then what are you really left with?

I want to challenge you to be a little bit more aware of those thoughts, how you think about an issue, and most importantly, how you think about yourself.


Because thoughts lead to actions.

Actions lead to habits.

Habits build a lifestyle.

I’m hosting an online mindset challenge group in September. We’ll be combining workouts, meditation, and reading to learn more about how we can really craft the lifestyle and life that we crave. Want more info? Shoot me an email at thesweatbos@gmail.com


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