I. Am. Ready.

For those who have been with me since this was “The Road To A Healthy Life”, you’ll remember that I started my fitness journey by lacing up some white sneakers and heading out for a run.

Well, last May, my running came to a screaming halt, thanks to earning a stress fracture during the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Hobbling through the last 4 miles of that race on a technicolored foot was a stupid thing to do – but you would have had to pull me from the course screaming to get me to stop.

I crossed that finish line, and I knew something was wrong.

So, from May 2016 until today, I’ve been on a running hiatus.

Yes – I HAVE run. Three months after my doctor cleared me to run, I walked hesitantly into an Orange Theory Fitness class, nervous for the treadmill portion. My base pace hovered at 5.0, a full 1.5mph below what used to be my easy comfort pace.

Was it an ego crusher? Yes. Was it necessary. Absolutely.

Today, I told myself that I was going to break my running backpack out of hibernation and go for a run to the gym. I packed it late last night, with my work clothes, hydration, granola, protein shake, keys, cash, and teaching clothes. I was ready.

This morning, I stepped outside in pea-soup humidity and felt nervous.

What was I doing?

Was I going to hurt myself?

Maybe I should go back inside…

But I snapped a photo, posted it to my IG story and tagged two peeps that I knew were going to be at the gym. I hit “go” on my Nike Run Club App (which I haven’t logged into since May 2016), and went.

By the time I was a half a mile in, I was pouring sweat.

A little over a mile in, I stopped to snap this photo.

This was the reason I fell in love with running in Wakefield in the mornings – the sunrises over the lake. It was quiet. The town was waking up. It was just me, my thoughts and the sun… reminding me that it really was a brand new day.

A day that I was ready for.

Seeing that familiar sight added a little pep in my step, as I cruised over the small North Ave hill, crossed the street at the Subaru dealership, and headed to the third light to make a left. Funnily enough – that’s where my google map had left it. 2.3 miles. Turns out, there is a good .4 miles left to run from the driveway off of Walter Brooke Ave to the back end of the shopping center to get to Golds Gym.

2.75 miles later I arrived, dripping sweat with a goofy smile on my face.

I had done it.

While it was not a speedy time, but it was a good run. It was a run my heart and soul needed. It was a run that showed me that I CAN do it. That I WANTED to do it. That my body was really healed and arguably stronger than it has EVER been.

That by listening to my body, I was able to heal it properly.

So sweaty peeps – I. Am. Ready. Are you?

Also, shout out to Greg who snapped this while I was walking/dripping into Golds this morning. Watch and enjoy!


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