Balance in an Unbalanced World


We have two sides on our bodies – right and left.

Where they meet, we call our center.

EVERYONE has one side that they favor more, we call that the dominant side. The dominant side usually gets a little bit more attention… it can lift a little heavier, pose better in photos, and it makes us feel REALLY good about ourselves.

Our weaker side gets hidden.
It gets filtered away, the struggle that it goes through to lift a little heavier gets ignored, and it makes us feel not as great about ourselves.

But we are creatures of balance.

When you start to get over- confident with your dominant side, your body will have no problem bringing you back to reality.

I fell out of a backbend in St Lucia, because in the sand, my balance was different. Add in a wave and BOOM – backbend girl was DOWN. The look on my face? Surprise.

How are we always surprised when this happens?

When we ignore a problem, a weakness, an issue for SO long – how are we always surprised that it’s still there?

The world around us can also be seen as two sides, but two sides always come to meet at a center.

We have to work together on our weaknesses, no matter how ugly they are, so we can ALL get stronger. Working toward that equilibrium, and not being fooled by our strongest side, will help us all stay up and grounded.

But for now, let’s wipe that shocked face off, and get to work.

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