Lash Lift: No Makeup. No Problem.

I’m a low maintenance person. My daily make up routine typically consists of washing my face, using my Tula regimen, and calling it a day.

If I have a meeting or something else, I might swipe on some liquid eyeliner, mascara and a pop of red lipstick.

While I was getting ready for my wedding, I went and got eyelash extensions and LOVED how they made me look. It was like waking up with my face ready to go. The downside? They required a LOT of upkeep – not only did you need to get them filled every couple of weeks, but if you work out/sweat a lot (i.e. me), they fall out even faster.

So, when we were honeymooning in St. Lucia, and the eyelash extensions started to fall, I figured that would be the end of glamorous long lashes for me.


I was at Rise Beauty Studio on Newbury Street, and they mentioned to me me that they specify in lashes, both extensions and lash lifts.

Lash lift? Tell me more.

So, in the simplest terms.

It’s a perm.

For your lashes.

In just 30 minutes, my straight as sticks eyelashes became these curled wonders.

Who doesn’t want a 30 minute nap in the middle of the day?

After climbing the four flights of stairs up to Rise, you’re greeted with this bright, light space that wills you to relax and revel in the time you carved out for yourself. You’ll find yourself on a comfy bed, and in good hands.


The prep process is quick if you listen to their ask of coming in with no makeup (which is the easiest thing in the world for me to do). So, within a couple minutes, the under-eye cooling patches were put on, and my eyelashes were combed back over these pink rollers.

Once they curled back, the perming solution was put on.

After 10ish minutes, a setting solution was put on for another 10 minutes.

Once that passed, my lashes were gently wiped with some water and just like that, I had volume to my lashes.

Fresh lashes – no mascara!

For 24 hours, you can’t sweat or shower, but after that, it’s game on. No need to worry about water running over your face in the shower. No need to worry about how much you’re sweating.

Literally, 30 minutes and now I look like I’m awake.

With mascara, my lashes are OUT OF CONTROL.

With mascara – nothin can stop me now!


So, a week later, my lashes look better than ever.  They told me that they’ll last up to 8 weeks! WHAT? CRAZY!

While I won’t rush to get any makeup any time soon, I’m looking forward to rocking my own lashes with a lil perm for the near future.

No makeup. No problem.

Bruno Mars says it best:

“Throw some perm on your attitude
Girl, you gotta relax “

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