Sweat For Your Soul


You can’t make everyone happy.

You can’t make people change their minds. You can’t make people like you. You can’t make other people do a damn thing.

The one thing you have control of is what you can do.

So, my life went on a roller coaster ride on Thursday night and I let that drop control my Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Then I realized something – I had just given my power to someone else.

I was letting someone else’s actions and words control my life. And when you put it that way, it seems a little silly.

So today, I decided to sweat.

I didn’t put on a fancy outfit, I didn’t go to a trendy studio.

I did a workout right in my 70s green colored basement. I streamed it, set up, and said “well, let’s just see what happens”.

And what happened?

Fucking magic.

Magic didn’t happen because it was my BEST workout.

Magic didn’t happen because I got a round of applause at the end.

Magic happened because I sweat from my soul for my soul. Because, it wasn’t about being the strongest person in the room. It wasn’t about anything else other than me getting through the workout for no one else other than me.

And just like that, a little sweat can start to heal your soul.

What are you going to do for yourself today, just to remind yourself that you are the only you out there?



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