A Little Hip Love – 4 Poses to Help Release Tight Hips

Shakira was right… hips don’t lie. And often times, we totally ignore what our hips are telling us, until they scream.

Typically, people will realize they have tight hips when they wake up having lower back pain. Are you nodding your head? I know I am.

Your hips tend to carry the brunt of our stress and tension. And as uncomfortable as it can be to release that tension through stretching and a regular yoga practice, it’s more uncomfortable to carry that tension and stress with us every single day.

But fear not, all that hip tension CAN be worked through if you give yourself a little love. We are all guilty of sitting a little more than we should, and while we might not be able to help it due to work and commute constraints, we DO have the choice to get up, go for a walk, and do a few stretches throughout the day.

Head over to Yoga Hub to read the FULL blog post and see how you can make those hips feel a little better!

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