Come take my class!

In 2015, after attending IDEA World’s BlogFest, I set a goal for myself. A goal that I didn’t really tell anyone, because I really wanted it, and I was afraid if I shouted it from the roof tops, I would inevitably fail and be ridiculed.

My goal? By the end of 2016, put more of a foot into the health and fitness world by securing ONE teaching opportunity. Unless you actually don’t know me, you know that I LOVE group fitness. So, I’ve been studying, note taking, playlist making and pouring my heart into creating challenging and motivating workouts

And today, I get to shout from the rooftops and announce that I’ll be a TRX Bootcamp instructor at Turnstyle!

So – who wants to work out with me? I’m teaching Monday’s (starting Monday the 19th), at 5:15PM and 6:15PM! Look me up on the schedule as Amanda F!!

2014 Goals!

Well, after my last SUPER LONG post, I figured I would put up a short post of some goals that I have for 2014.

1) Complete my first marathon

2) Breathe – Don’t get angry at the small stuff

3) Start writing down recipes of good meals that I cook

4) Forgive

5) End each day with saying one great thing that happened that day.

5 goals for a happier 2014. Let’s do this. Happy New Year!