Back to your regularly scheduled program – review of Workplace Warrior Challenge

This past Wednesday, we had the award ceremony for Healthworks Workplace Warrior Challenge.

I just realized also, that I didn’t update my numbers.

Weight – stayed the same

Body fat – down 1%

Muscle Mass – up 1%

So, nothing too crazy happened number wise for me. A couple members on the team ended up losing 4lbs! I need to find out their secret!!

Well, all in all, we didn’t win the challenge.

Honestly, I don’t know who actually won the challenge, because they didn’t announce it at the “award” ceremony – which, was probably the most lackluster thing that I’ve experienced at Healthworks. I get that the Porter Square club didn’t have the winning team, but we were still ready to get a good workout and celebrate. The workout ended up being a Tabata, but the instructor didn’t quite instruct – but was really being lead by a tape. It was a little too reminiscent of a middle school gym class. After the workout, they quickly brought in some apples, bananas and coconut water, and told us that none of us won the grand prize, and the other official team at the club won the club competition, for having lost the most weight.

But, even though we didn’t win the super awesome prize, I still feel like we are a whole bunch of winners. Why? I made a bunch of friends with some coworkers who I normally wouldn’t have interacted with, without Workplace Warrior Challenge. Also, I learned how to incorporate some amazing classes into my marathon training, in order to add more cross training.

So, yes, I have a membership, and I’m figuring out how to work everything together. I plan on taking two classes regularly, and have Friday be a “swing” cross training day – and maybe taking an after work class then.

My first marathon is coming up in just ONE month.


Cue freakout now.

It’s 8:30PM on a Friday, and I’m here writing, watching Who’s Line is it Anyways and making sure that I get to bed around 9ish, so I can get up at 5:30 to run 18 miles.

The life of someone training for a marathon.

Holy Tabata…

Today, I decided to make a last minute decision and head to the gym by myself. I had thought about it yesterday (as you can see from my recap post below), but before bed I decided I really needed to sleep.

The alarm went off, and I changed my mind.

So off I went to Healthworks, to get a run in and try this “Tabata Core” class. I figured it was just 15 minutes, so it wouldn’t be too crazy.

Boy… was I wrong.

So I waltzed in, and we were asked to grab a mat and a pilates ball (I grabbed a 4lb ball).

We quickly started a 2 minute warm up of crunches. Then we head into full on tabata mode.

For those who have never done tabata before – the basis is simple: 20 seconds of hard work, 10 second rest. 

We did the workout in sets:

Set 1 (repeat 4 times):

  •  Reverse crunch (on your back, legs in table top with ball in between your legs, lift butt and chest to make a crunch) 20 seconds
  • 10 second rest
  • Weighted toe touches with 4lb ball – 20 seconds
  • 10 second rest

Set 2 (repeat 4 times)

  • Full body extension sit up with 4lb ball – 20 seconds
  • 10 second rest
  • This next one was something of a mix between a crunch and a bicycle kick. Take the weighted ball and start with your hands extended behind your head. With your legs in table top, extend one leg out, while crunching up with the ball. Bring your leg back into table top, while lowering yourself to the ground – 20 seconds
  • 10 second rest

Set 3 (repeat 4 times)

  • Side crunches – 20 seconds
  • 10 second straight crunch pulse (no resting time in this one0
  • Step out plank with legs – 20 seconds
  • 10 second hold plank
  • Step out plank with arms – 20 seconds
  • 10 second hold plank

So it doesn’t look like it would knock you on your butt… but it definitely did. It was quick, but it was hard work for every single second.

Will I take this class again? Heck yes. 

#WorkplaceWarriorChallenge Week 4… The Final Team Workout

Holy smokes, I can’t believe it’s already been 4 weeks!

Today’s team workout with Kayla was all about fat burn and strength. We did a few things…

Circuit 1 (repeated 2x’s – do each exercise for 45 seconds)

  • Sideways Walking Plank
  • Scissor Kicks
  • Reverse Fly’s (20lbs)
  • Weighted Toe Touches (7lbs)
  • Overhead Weighted Lunges (12 lbs)
  • Plank Jumps (I don’t know what this is called, but we were in plank, and then jumped up to the left , back to center, and then up to the right)
  • Squat Jumps
  • Burpees

Weighted V-Sit Team Challenge!

We did a relay styled team challenge. We all sat in a row, and one of us started doing V-sits with 10 lb weight. We each did a set of 10 and passed it along. We tried to get the most V-sits done in 3 minutes… and after 3 minutes, the 5 of us did 150 V-sits as a team! Woot!

Circuit 2 (repeated 2x’s – do each for 30 seconds)

  • “Around the World” Jumps (Make a really big square with jumps)
  •  Basketball Jumps (similar to squat jumps)
  • Side Shuffles

Circuit 3 (repeated 2x’s – do each for 30 seconds)

  • Lateral Lunge Jumps
  • High Knees with raised arms
  • Sprints 

I really can’t believe that a whole 4 weeks has passed! I’m going to try to go to a few more classes before my final weigh-in/ InBody Assessment on Friday.

I also did my first 15 mile run this past Sunday – and it was brutal. I started at 6:30am and it was 55F. When I ended 2 hours and 48 minutes later, it was 81F. I filled up my water bottle 3 times over those 15 miles, and I ate a whole pack of SNAP Candy, plus 4 honey stinger chews. Looks like I need to start getting my long runs in at like 4am. 

This is what my week looks like:

  • Monday: REST
  • Tuesday: Workplace Warrior Workout
  • Wednesday: 5 miles & Tabata Core class
  • Thursday: Bootcamp for Runners
  • Friday: Spinning
  • Saturday or Sunday: 16 miles (oh boy)