Monday Run

Started my Monday off with another 3.79 mile run around the Charles. A little bit of a slower pace than I would have liked, but I didn’t really eat that well yesterday, and my knee was not feeling so happy about half way through. I don’t want to over do it before this weekends 10K or next weekends One Run For Boston, 7.5 miler!

Tomorrow will be a rest day for sure, and then… STAIRS ON WEDNESDAY!

Monday Morning

Did my first morning run today… 

This week, is the first day that I’ve really run in the morning. My goal in the next 3 weeks is to make it a habit. My boyfriend wakes up at 5:30am, so today, I woke up with him, put of my running stuff and headed out the door.

I only have run our loop previously, but today, the run was out and I wanted to head to the Charles. I ended up doing a 4.5 mile run in 43 minutes. I wasn’t concerned really about mileage or time, I just wanted to get out and do a run before work today.

Result? A very pleased lady on this Monday.

Also, pretty pumped to be playing softball again tonight. It’s gonna be a good day.