I. Am. Ready.

For those who have been with me since this was “The Road To A Healthy Life”, you’ll remember that I started my fitness journey by lacing up some white sneakers and heading out for a run.

Well, last May, my running came to a screaming halt, thanks to earning a stress fracture during the Brooklyn Half Marathon. Hobbling through the last 4 miles of that race on a technicolored foot was a stupid thing to do – but you would have had to pull me from the course screaming to get me to stop.

I crossed that finish line, and I knew something was wrong.

So, from May 2016 until today, I’ve been on a running hiatus.

Yes – I HAVE run. Three months after my doctor cleared me to run, I walked hesitantly into an Orange Theory Fitness class, nervous for the treadmill portion. My base pace hovered at 5.0, a full 1.5mph below what used to be my easy comfort pace.

Was it an ego crusher? Yes. Was it necessary. Absolutely.

Today, I told myself that I was going to break my running backpack out of hibernation and go for a run to the gym. I packed it late last night, with my work clothes, hydration, granola, protein shake, keys, cash, and teaching clothes. I was ready.

This morning, I stepped outside in pea-soup humidity and felt nervous.

What was I doing?

Was I going to hurt myself?

Maybe I should go back inside…

But I snapped a photo, posted it to my IG story and tagged two peeps that I knew were going to be at the gym. I hit “go” on my Nike Run Club App (which I haven’t logged into since May 2016), and went.

By the time I was a half a mile in, I was pouring sweat.

A little over a mile in, I stopped to snap this photo.

This was the reason I fell in love with running in Wakefield in the mornings – the sunrises over the lake. It was quiet. The town was waking up. It was just me, my thoughts and the sun… reminding me that it really was a brand new day.

A day that I was ready for.

Seeing that familiar sight added a little pep in my step, as I cruised over the small North Ave hill, crossed the street at the Subaru dealership, and headed to the third light to make a left. Funnily enough – that’s where my google map had left it. 2.3 miles. Turns out, there is a good .4 miles left to run from the driveway off of Walter Brooke Ave to the back end of the shopping center to get to Golds Gym.

2.75 miles later I arrived, dripping sweat with a goofy smile on my face.

I had done it.

While it was not a speedy time, but it was a good run. It was a run my heart and soul needed. It was a run that showed me that I CAN do it. That I WANTED to do it. That my body was really healed and arguably stronger than it has EVER been.

That by listening to my body, I was able to heal it properly.

So sweaty peeps – I. Am. Ready. Are you?

Also, shout out to Greg who snapped this while I was walking/dripping into Golds this morning. Watch and enjoy!


The Sweat Life


Trail Blazing…

I know. It’s been awhile. 

Things have been a little crazy, but in the craziness I’ve had the opportunity to really start doing something I love… trail running.

At the end of June, I had the chance to do the Ragnar Trail Race New England. I didn’t know any one on my team when we first arrived, and we quickly hit it off and had 30 hours of hills, adrenaline and fun (notice sleep isn’t in there).

I had done Reach the Beach, which is now also put on by Ragnar, and that one requires you to get friendly with 6 of your teammates as you drive a couple hours to the next transition point. You get stinky, and you get creative since you have to stretch out and live basically in a van seat.

This is where the trail one was SO much more fun. You set up camp. You get to relax after you run and take advantage of a yoga class or walk around a festival area. There was so much more a team feel to this one, since you didn’t exist on top of each other.

The trails were hard. Each loop started with ¾ mile,  1,000 ft elevation gain, climb and then split. Green was 3.5 miles, Yellow was 4.8 and Red was 6.5. I was the last runner on my team, so my order was yellow, green, red.

While the trails were hard, they were also beautiful. Northfield was the perfect location for this event, and the weather was perfect. I wouldn’t change anything about this race and I hope to have the opportunity to run it again! 

And then I hit the trails again this past weekend for the VERT Sasquatch race! It was my friend’s first race since having twins two years ago, and the 2.4 mile trail run was a memorable way to kick things off! 

Sasquatch happened about 5 miles away from where we lived, and we had trained on trails 2x’s a week leading up to it. What we didn’t plan for (since it’s New England and summer has been teasing us a little bit), was 80 degree heat by 9:00AM.

So, with temps quickly soaring, I decided to just keep myself in check. I blazed down the downhills and slowed on the inclines, and used the flats to get my breathing back on track. I can tell that I wasn’t as hydrated as I should have been, since a little over halfway through, I was smacked with nausea. The fact that I knew it was only 2.4 miles kept me going and all of a sudden it was done.

The trails were not nearly as technical as those we had trained on, and were mainly fire roads. However, the first incline had a lot of people pulling over and sucking air. 

Overall I had an amazing time and VERT puts on one heck of a race. I’m debating on signing up for their fall FellsFest, which includes a 3 mile and a 7 mile race – plus the option to do BOTH! It’s the week before Reach the Beach though, so I’m trying to make a responsible decision on whether I should run a 10 mile trail run before having to run 15 miles across NH. Thoughts?

Tomorrow I’m flying out to LA for #BlogFest, where I’ll be speaking in their Lightning Round! Can’t believe it’s finally here. Plus, stay tuned for a big announcement next Monday!