My #BlogFest Buddies!

I’m very excited to be a part of #BlogFest this year as a Lightning Round speaker, and I’m even more excited now that I’ve been “buddied” up with two AMAZING ladies.

The BlogFest organizers have put together a program that pairs up a returning BlogFest attendee with two new attendees. I just wanted to have the opportunity to show off my awesome new buddies – I can’t wait to spend BlogFest hanging out with them!

Jennifer Hellickson,; Fit Approach; SweatGuru

1. Who are you? Tell us in a brief paragraph who you are / what city you live in / what you blog about?

Hey, guys! Jennifer Hellickson here – PR person by day and blogger over at I’m the marketing director for Fit Approach and SweatGuru, working alongside founders Jamie and Alyse to build the Sweat Pink and SweatGuru communities online. I’m a runner, (wannabe) triathlete and workout junkie  who lives in Portland and loves geeking out over fitness trends, bodyhacks and healthy food, along with the latest and greatest gear.

2. What was your favorite part about BlogFest last year?

Hands down, the people! From the informative panel discussions, incredible guest speakers (Jillian Michaels = #girlcrush), high-energy workout leaders and time spent sweating, chatting, eating and laughing with new fit friends…I walked away from the weekend feeling so thankful to have been a part of such a positive, uplifting event.

3. What’s your ultimate workout must-have?

I have a lot of ‘em! I tend to be a gear junkie (likely the result of my early-adopter father), so I’m usually testing out some gadget, piece of clothing or new accessory. Other than that? Comfortable clothing, quality footwear and good music. 

4. If money was no object, where would you travel for vacation and what would you do there?

I’d go straight back to Italy. Travel all around the country, then set up shop in Tuscany in a villa for a month straight and spend my time cooking, walking, eating, shopping and hiking. Not that I’ve put much thought into this or anything 🙂 

5.  What is your spirit animal?

Definitely a meerkat. That was my nickname at my last job because I’d pop my head up over the cubicle walls and crack jokes with my office-mates. I’m a firm believer that you’re a thousand times more productive – and creative – when you’re having fun!

6.  And what makes you blog? And why fitness?

I believe that being active is the key to health and happiness, challenging yourself can take you to places you never dreamed possible, and exercise should be anything but boring! My mission, which I hope I’m accomplishing through my blog, is to inspire, be inspired and ignite a passion for health & fitness in others.

Carleeh, @mamarazza on Instagram;  MamaRazzaOnAMission

1. Who are you? Tell us in a brief paragraph who you are / what city you live in / what you blog about?

My name is Carlia, though I have gone by Carleeh since I was about 10 yrs old. I am the mother of 3, one 14 yr old boy, and two girls; a 12 yr old, and a 5 yrs old redhead!I am 34 and have been married for 15 yrs in June. My husband is a combat wounded veteran with PTSD from multiple deployments to Iraq. Currently,  I am his VA caregiver. I am 30 miles North of Seattle, in a small community called Smokey Point. When my blog is up and running it will be focused on my fitness journey while juggling VA paperwork, kids, and staying centered in Faith and yoga. I am currently studying to be a CPT with NASM and a pound fitness instructor. 

2.  What are you hoping to get out of BlogFest 2015? 

I hope to make friendships and meet with girls I have known on IG for years. I am going to absorb all the bloggy goodness I can to make a legit blog and sweat buckets with the industry’s best.

3. Anything you’re really excited / nervous / anxious about the conference?

I have been dying to get to take a piloxing class especially with my friend Tasha! Nervous about being a newbie in a field and lifestyle that everyone there is accustomed to. I just got into fitness as a passion almost 2 yrs ago to lose weight and just decided to look into it as a lifestyle about 6 months ago. I am so social I am anxious that I will be overly excited and embarrass myself. Lol  

4. What are your favorite healthy snacks?

I am addicted to beverages. I love love love Kevita and I also love infused waters. I typically have a water bottle with fruit or herbs at all times. I do really love to eat chocolate covered strawberries,  fresh mango, and watermelon. I love trail mixes and chia pudding.

5. What type of workout could you not live without? 

Deadlifting and Agility/bootcamp . I love ladders, muscle ropes, lifting weights, and flipping tires. But I adore yoga too. I need them all or I would freak out, I like to mix up my workouts (ClassPass is my dream ticket)

6. If you could close one fast food chain, due to disgusting food, what would you pick?

 I would love to close burger king, just the thought of their food grosses me out. 


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Title Boston – Getting Fit One Punch & Kick at a time

(Note: First class is free, but I was not given a free class, or paid, or incentivized to write this review) 

Title Boston at North Station recently opened it’s doors… and now that I’ve gone there for 4 classes, I feel like I can write a well rounded review of the newest boxing gym in town.

My friend Shannon heard about this gym opening, since her office is a few floors above it, so we decided one day to check it out. They have a ton of classes, that are PERFECT for people that work a 9-5, so they get 5 stars for that!

So we showed up a little before 5:30 PM on a Tuesday, got wrapped up, and went straight to a bag. There are TONS of bags, and usually that means there is one per person, which means you can hit the bag as hard as you want, without worrying about blowing your partner out with the bag. 

You will pretty much workout up a vicious sweat during the warm up. That first class, I was already out of breath by the time we were half way through the warm up, and was really wondering what I had gotten myself into.

Title offers both boxing and kickboxing classes. Both will kick your butt. 

Take my word for it – I’ve done both. 

I finished up my first Title class looking like I had jumped into a pool, and feeling like I had been through the wringer. But it was SUCH a great butt kicking, and the endorphin high was SO GOOD, that I found myself signing up for their two week unlimited card. Now, at the end of my two weeks – I’m finding myself considering their membership and their class cards. 

And so, two days later, I found myself in their 7:00AM class. Ready to get my butt kicked again. Two weeks later, I think I’ve formed a habit

I also want to make this clear, ANYONE at ANY fitness can join in the class… and everyone will get an amazing workout, and everyone will feel like they are welcome. It’s like walking into a little friends and family gathering. 

Mike Musto, the owner, seems to always be there – and I love the fact that he joins in on workouts, motivates people and is generally a friendly face. All of the trainers encourage you to push yourself beyond your limit. The 15 minute core blast at the end of class will have your inner monologue firing, and you’ll start bargaining with yourself in ways you never have before. 

Plus, they claim that you will burn up to 1,000 calories a class. I haven’t worn my heart rate monitor yet – but I know I’m getting a great workout, because at the end of each class I have this feeling of exhaustion and exhilaration. That combo has me reaching for my planner to see when I can fit in my next class.

Even though I wake up ridiculously sore the next day, I can quickly start to feel myself getting stronger after just 4 classes. If you’ve been following my blog for a bit, you may remember I did a boxing bootcamp at Peter Welch’s Gym in Southie a couple years ago. I quickly remembered a) that I was sore constantly for the 8 weeks that I did the bootcamp and b) I was probably in the best shape of my life.

So don’t wait. Go and take your Free “First Hit” and I’m 99.99999% sure that you’ll be back. The Musto’s have built an amazing atmosphere at the gym, and each instructor will give you a run for your money. It’s an amazing workout, and I look forward to working this into my routine for Ragnar Trail Relay, Reach the Beach and a fall half marathon!