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I’m an movement leader and heart-driven brave space creator with a background in leading conversations around diversity & inclusion in the wellness space, consulting on intentional brave space creation, and  moving!

In the 10+ years I have spent in the writing & marketing world, I have had the opportunity to work with some incredible people and brands to bring their stories to life. As a trained journalist, I work with people to dig deep into their truth to shine light on their stories.  

With 10+ years of experience in the movement world – through fitness, yoga, dance, and general movement – I’ve discovered that the most authentic way to discover what is most important to you, and your business, is to move through it. 

And this is where I discovered something important that spanned every aspect of my life.

I’m a first generation American – my mother came to the U.S from Nicaragua, and my father came to the U.S. from Lebanon. 

I never saw myself represented in any of the roles that I held. I was always a “first”, or even worse, heralded a “unicorn”.

While the wellness world is rich in diversity in different modalities, it is lacking in diversity of voices and bodies at the table. 

How can we work to bring new voices, perspectives, and people to the industry and to your business? 

The first step, is identifying who is missing, and starting to break down the why.

That’s what we’ll work to unpack, and build strategies that will help us understand the blocks and barriers (some we may not even see), that are stopping us from truly holding and creating an intentionally brave and inclusive business. 

I am accepting 1:1 clients. 

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